Picrosirius Red Stain Kit

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Picrosirius Red Stain binds specifically to collagen fibrils of varying diameter that is used to distinguish collagen Type I from Type III. Picrosirius Red Stain will quantify the amount of collagen in a given area of myocardial tissue; also the quantitative aspect of liver fibrosis.

The 250 ml kit stains up to 100 slides; 500 ml kit stains up to 200 slides

Kit contains:
Solution A - Phosphomolybdic Acid (250ml or 500ml)
Solution B - Picrosirius Red F3BA Stain (250ml or 500ml)
Solution C - 0.1 N Hydrochloride Acid (250ml or 500ml)

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Gloves, chemical goggles
Stroe at room temperature