Poly/Bed® 812 (Luft formulations) Mini Kit

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Polysciences has been the leader in supplying epoxy embedding material to microscopists for many years. Our Poly/Bed® line of products are the reliable, long-established means by which you can be assured of secure specimen embedment. Use Poly/Bed® for your scientific studies requiring beam stability, low shrinkage, and good contrast. Poly/Bed® Epoxy formulations are of lower viscosity then Araldite formulations, and hence provide better penetration into tissue samples.

Kit Contains: 1x50ml Poly/Bed 812, 1x30ml DDSA, 1x20ml NMA, 1x5ml DMP-30


Rudmann, Daniel G., MCNerney, Mary e., Vandereide, Stacey L., Schemmer, Joyce K., Eversole, Robert R., Vonderfecht, Steven L. (2004) Epididymal and Systemic Phospholipidosis in Rats and Dogs Treated with the Dopamine D3 Selective Antagonist PNU-177864, Toxicologic Pathology 32:326-332

Corrosive , Irritant , Skin sensitizer , Toxic (Ingestion)
Glove, chemical goggles & chemical mask or hood
Store at room temperature