About Us

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Polysciences, Inc. is divided into three broad divisions; Laboratory Products, Custom Synthesis & cGMP Manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing & Packaging

Laboratory Products / Catalog

This division includes thousands of products useful for histology, microscopy and life sciences applications.

Our catalog presents these products based on application areas

Custom Synthesis & cGMP Manufacturing

Polysciences is equipped and focused on providing custom variations of products and custom designed materials to suit our customer's specialized needs.

The manufacturing facilities at Polysciences include multi-step synthesis, distillation and drying, recrystallization and filtration & clean room operations working within FDA/GMP guidelines. Learn More >

Contract Manufacturing & Formulation

Our collection of small- to mid-scale manufacturing processing and packaging equipment allows us to handle a broad array of package types including a wide variety of glass or plastic bottles, custom containers, tubes, towelettes or flame-sealed ampoules.

We have expertise in manufacturing and filling powdered products and mid-range viscosity materials into tubes. We can make, package, warehouse and ship your scientific or cosmetic product, freeing you to sell your products. Learn More >