C150H, Macroporous Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin

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Purolite C150CH is a macroporous poly (styrene sulfonate) cation exchange resin, supplied in the H+ form. This resin has been successfully employed in both single beds and as a cation component in mixed beds, both in make-up and condensate polishing applications. Purolite C150CH has been designed specifically for use in higher velocity applications (where a high specific velocity would cause an unacceptably high pressure drop on standard grade resins) and makes it a suitable resin for polishing cation columns in make-up WTP’s, where small resin volumes and high specific velocities / BV/h rates are commonly encountered. In mixed bed applications the tailored particle size also offers good separation on backwashing from the a macroporous anion component. Its porous structure permits higher rates of diffusion for cations including, heavy metals, amines and also positively charged organics of higher molecular weight, and facilitates their removal on regeneration. These properties of physical robustness, good resistance to thermal and osmotic shock attrition, good regenerability, and fast kinetics make this resin an ideal cation resin not only in demineralization of water, but also in treatment of plating rinse waters or organic (non aqueous) applications where more arduous service or regeneration conditions are encountered.

  • Application - Demineralization - H+ form
  • Polymer Structure - Macroporous polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene
  • Appearance - Spherical beads
  • Functional Group - Sulfonic Acid
  • Ionic Form as Shipped - H+
Product Information
Total Capacity (min.) 1.8 eq/l (39.3 Kgr/ft3) (Na+ form)
Moisture Retention 54 - 59 % (H+)
Particle Size Range 300 ± 1200 µm
<300 µm (max.) 1 %
Uniformity Coefficient (max.) 1.7
Reversible Swelling, Na → H+ (max.) 4 %
Specific Gravity 1.18
Shipping Weight (approx.) 740 - 775 g/l (46.3 - 48.4 lb/ft3)
Temp Limit, H+ Form 120°C (250°F)
Temp Limit, Na+ Form 140°C (285°F)


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