CellVue® NIR815 Kit For Membrane Labeling - MIDI Kit

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The CellVue® NIR815 cell linker Midi Kit uses proprietary membrane labeling technology to stably incorporate a fluorescent dye with long aliphatic tails (CellVue® NIR815) into lipid regions of the cell membrane (1). The pattern of staining is dependent upon the cell type being labeled and the membranes of the cells (2, 3). CellVue® NIR815, a near infrared fluorescent cell linker has been reported to be useful for in vitro cell proliferation studies (4) and cell tracking in isolated organ preparations applications (5). Label cell membranes with lipophilic dyes that emit in the long wavelength UV, the far red or the near infrared region of the spectrum.


  • Reduced autofluorescence background
  • Greater S/N
  • Greater ability to multiplex with visible probes due to minimal spectral overlap
  • Excellent for use in combination with other cell tracking probes such as CFSE or PKH26

Kit Contains:

CellVue® NIR815 dye stock (1 vial containing 0.2 ml, 1 X 10-3 M in ethanol), Diluent (6 vials containing 10 ml)

The CellVue® NIR815 Fluorescent Cell Linker Kit contains a 1mM dye stock solution and cell labeling diluent. Dye fluorescence properties: Ex max=786nm and Em max=814nm. Provides stable labeling of the lipid regions of cell membranes.

CellVue® is a registered trademark of PTI Research, Inc. For patents see list.

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