CellVue<sup>®</sup> Jade Kit For Membrane Labeling - MIDI Kit

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The CellVue® Jade cell linker kit uses proprietary membrane labeling technology to stably incorporate a fluorescent dye with long aliphatic tails (CellVue® Jade) into lipid regions of the cell membrane (1). The pattern of staining is dependent upon the cell type being labeled and the membranes of the cells (2, 3). CellVue Jade®, a green fluorescent cell linker (Figure 1) is expected to be useful for cell tracking applications.


  • Reduced autofluorescence background
  • Greater S/N
  • Greater ability to multiplex with visible probes due to minimal spectral overlap
  • Excellent for use in combination with other cell tracking probes such as CFSE or PKH26

Kit Contains: CellVue® Jade dye stock (2 vials containing 0.1 ml, 1 X 10-3 M in ethanol), Diluent (6 vials containing 10 ml)

The CellVue® Jade Fluorescent Cell Linker Kit contains a 1mM dye stock solution and cell labeling diluent. Dye fluorescence properties: Ex max=478nm and Em max=508nm. Provides stable labeling of the lipid regions of cell membranes.

CellVue® is a registered trademark of PTI Research, Inc. For patents see list.

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