Room Temperature Curable

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Room Temperature Curable

Cat. # Description Viscosity (kCps) Cure Time/ Temp (hrs/°C) Tg (°C) CTE (ppm) Modulus (MPa) Durometer Thermal Conductivity (W/m•K)
PC800A&B 2 component acrylic adhesive with excellent adhesion to many metals, plastics, & composites. Designed for applications needing good fast setting bonds at room temperature. Room temperature curable. gel 4/RT 120 250 65D N/A

2 component, epoxy adhesive designed for bonding & sealing when high strength & toughness is required. Non-rigid, tough, & good adhesive properties to many substrates including metals, composites, ceramics, many plastics, & especially good for bonding fiberglass. Room temperature or thermal curing.

40 4/RT 120 100 70D N/A
HPA900 2 component polyurethane designed for bonding applications requiring adhesion to hard to bond surfaces. Excellent adhesion to many metals, plastics, & elastomers, & quick cure time at room temperature. 0.2 24/RT 200 0.5 85D N/A

2 component, low viscosity epoxy well suited for various potting, sealing, & bonding applications.

0,4 4/RT 80 1000 80D N/A