EasyFILL™ Underfills

EasyFILL™ Underfills

Polyscience's innovative EasyFILL™ Underfills products are characterized by their low stress cure and high durability. These capillary flow underfills lower stress, improve reliability and offer excellent processability for flip chip, CPS and BGA devices.

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EasyFILL Underfills

Cat. # Description Viscosity (kCps) Cure Time/ Temp (hrs/°C) Tg (°C) CTE (ppm) Modulus (MPa) Durometer Thermal Conductivity (W/m•K)

Low modulus capillary flow underfill with low stress cure & high moisture resistance. Thermally curable.

2.5 1/130 + 1/150 80 >1000 85D N/A

Rapid curing capillary flow underfill with low stress cure, high durability, high Tg, & low CTE. Thermally curable.

12 0.2/150 <30/110 1000 90D N/A