StenSEAL™ Stencil Applied Glob Top Encapsulant

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High viscosity resin system applied by screen or stencil printing to a component.

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StenSEAL Stencil Applied Glob Top Encapsulant

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A novel, 100% solids, one component, silica filled liquid encapsulants formulated to create a molded package appearance when applied by means of a stencil printer. Designed to work best with packages that have the wires encapsulated with NoSWEEP™ Wire Bond Encapsulant or on the backside of die such as LOC and BOC.


100% solid, silica filled epoxy with high strength, modulus, & heat resistance. Low warpage & good adhesion to die, substrates, & other inter facing materials. Applied by extrusion or screen-printing & thermally curable.

250 1/100 + 1/165 15 3500 90D N/A