HOPE® Fixative Starter Kit

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HOPE® - Formalin-free fixation technique for molecular pathology and research!

Tissue conservation using the new HOPE®-technique provides paraffin embedded tissue blocks with native structure of the macro-molecules (protein, DNA, RNA) in the tissue.

During HOPE® fixation, tissue samples are incubated in HOPE® I solution, then in HOPE® II solution, followed by a dehydration with acetone and subsequent embedding in paraffin. For this tissue processing no alcohols or aldehydes (formalin, glutaraldehyde) are used. As a consequence, there is no cross-linking of macro- molecular structures during the process. This opens up new opportunities to characterize tissues out of paraffin blocks.

Many "cryo-type" antibodies are working on HOPE® fixed tissue sections and many antibodies are working without any heat pretreatment or proteolytic digestion steps often necessary for formalin fixed tissue sections.

There is no "over-fixation" with HOPE®, as is known with formalin, when keeping the tissue specimen in the fixation solution. This results in a more standardized fixation process.

RNA, DNA and proteins are conserved in high quality, thus making subsequent applications possible like e.g. PCR, RT-PCR, Northern-Blot, Immunohistochemistry, Western-Blot and many others, out of the same tissue blocks.

Kit Contains: 10 transportation vials filled with 5 ml HOPE® I with protection vials, 1 x 1 ml HOPE® II and 200 grams low melt point paraffin.

Refer to Data Sheet for References
Harmless-use normal precautions
Exercise normal care
Store at 4 degrees celsius