TDMAC (Tridodecylmethylammonium chloride)

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Tridodecylmethylammonium chloride (TDMAC) is a chloride ion-selective solvent polymeric membrane electrodes component. The ion-selective electrodes (ISEs; membrane electrodes) are electrochemical sensors useful in various analytical applications. TDMAC used as a polymer membrane-based electrode exhibits significant potentiometric response to heparin in the clinically relevant concentration range.

Additionally, TDMAC-heparin complexes are used as an antithrombogenic coating for catheters and tubing from which heparin is released slowly via an ion-exchange process. (See Polysciences catalog products 03813 and 03921 for TDMAC-heparin (Tridodecylmethylammonium heparinate) solutions).

[CH3(CH2)11]3N+CH3 Cl-

Molecular Weight:
Melting Point:
105-114° C

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Irritant , Hygroscopic
Gloves & chemical goggles
Protect from moisture;Store at room temperature

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