StainRITE Wright Stain Phosphate Buffer pH 6.8

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24989-1 1 liter
24989-4 4 liters


StainRITE® Wright Stain Phosphate Buffer yields exceptional staining results every time when used with the Wright Stain protocol.

The Wright Stain protocol requires a pH 6.8 buffer to produce good quality staining. Proper buffer selection is very important in achieving good quality staining. If a buffer is too acidic the stain will be too red and nuclei will be too light; if it is too basic the stain will be too blue and cytoplasmic detail will be indistinct.

Stain results:

  • Erythrocytes - appear pink to orange
  • All nuclei - appear purple-blue
  • Lymphocyte cytoplasm -appear blue
  • Eosinophil granules - appear red to orange red
  • Basophil granules - appear dark reddish purple