Acridine orange, C.I. 46005

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04539-1 1 g
04539-5 5 g


DNA intercalating dye. A grade of acridine orange of exceptionally high purity, suitable for quantitative work. Free of inorganic salts. A specific stain for RNA, used as a 2% solution containing 1% lanthanum acetate in 15% acetic acid.

3,6-Bis(dimethylamino)acridine hydrochloride hydrate λ max 494 ± 4nm

Purity 95% (HPLC)
Molecular Weight:
301.83 (anhydrous)

Yagci, A., Murk, W., Stronk, J. & Huszar, G. Spermatozoa bound to solid state hyaluronic acid show chromatin structure with high DNA chain integrity: an acridine orange fluorescence study. Journal of andrology 31, 566–572 (2010). doi:10.2164/jandrol.109.008912

Gerdes, J. et al. Cell cycle analysis of a cell proliferation-associated human nuclear antigen defined by the monoclonal antibody Ki-67. Journal of immunology 133, 1710–5 (1984).

Mcmaster, G. K. & Carmichaeltt, G. G. Analysis of single-and double-stranded nucleic acids on polyacrylamide and agarose gels by using glyoxal and acridine orangeProc. Natl. Acad. Scf. USA 74, 4835–4838 (1977).

Irritant , Unknown
Gloves & fume hood
Store below 0 degrees celsius

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