TB Fluorostain Kit

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22422-1 1 kit


Fluorescent detection of M. tuberculosis and other acid-fast bacteria. Fluorochrome staining of mycobacteria in an acid-fast smear offers several advantages over traditional carbol-fuchsin methods. Lower magnification is required; Mycobacteria, including M. tuberculosis, M. leprae, M. avium-intracellular fluoresce orange-yellow on a dark black background. M. tuberculosis appears as slightly curved or straight rods with rounded ends. The rods will be 0.3 to 0.6μm in length.

  • 100 tests per kit
  • Less than 12 minutes to perform staining
  • Microwave method reduces time and enhances results
  • Much less Auramine O and Rhodamine B used, reducing costs and hazards
  • Faster, superior counterstain

  • FDA approved for in vitro diagnostic use in the United States

    Kit contains:
    500ml of Staining Solution A
    500ml of Acid Solution B
    500ml Counterstaining Solution C

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