The Microwave Tool Book - A Practical Guide For Microscopists

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The Microwave Tool Book is the classic reference text for practical use of microwave processing in histology.

A step-by-step workbook of fun laboratory exercises that teaches you how to calibrate and standardize microwave ovens. You will learn to: practice safety when using a microwave oven in the laboratory; see areas of high and low microwave power in your oven; measure cycle time and magnetron warm-up time; use your oven for fixation, staining and embedding. When you complete the exercises in this book, you will find that what has up to now been confusing concepts and recipes will become understandable and easy.

24 exercises, dozens of illustrations, and lots of practical tips:

  • Understand how your microwave works relative to laboratory procedures
  • Learn how to calibrate and standardize lab microwave ovens
  • Invaluable resource for students, technicians, teachers, and researchers
  • Includes lab exercises for learning the ins and outs of microwave technology
G. R. Login, DMD, and A. M. Dvorak, MD © 1994, 164 pgs., w/laboratory exercises