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  1. BactiStop Hand Soap | Polysciences, Inc.

    BactiStop Hand Soap

    Starting at: €18.00

    Pleasant smelling, non-drying, liquid hand soap. Great for use in your laboratory or in your home.

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  2. PolyGlove Professional Hand Cream | Polysciences, Inc.

    PolyGlove Professional Hand Cream

    Starting at: €18.00

    Non-greasy, professional hand cream is a "latex-safe" product designed for use on hardworking, gloved hands. Absorbs instantly into hands to provide moisture and comfort.

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  3. SaniHol ST 70%

    SaniHol ST 70%

    Starting at: €337.00

    Sterile, ready-to-use 70% denatured ethanol (EtOH) solution designed especially for cleanroom use. Filtered to 0.22µm, individually double-bagged and gamma-irradiated to ensure sterility.

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