Eco-Fix MB (Molecular Biology) Tissue Fixative, 1x

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25058-4 4 liters


Eco-Fix MB (Molecular Biology) is specially formulated to preserve antigenic sites (for antibody probes) and nucleic acid sites (for in situ hybridizations) in their native state making predigestiono or other recovery procedures for these important sites unnecessary.

Replaces common fixatives including: formaldehyde-based, alcohol-based, Zenker's, B5 & B3, Bouin's and other fixatives and provides superior results.

Tissues fixed in Eco-Fix MB exhibit vibrant staining, better nuclear and cytoplasmic detail and will retain a crisp appearance even after long-term fixation. Eco-Fix MB tissue fixative also retains a much more natural look and feel than formalin fixed tissue. Softer tissues mean easier, smoother cutting and sectioning.


  • Non-formalin based tissue fixative designed for molecular biology applications
  • Preserves antigenic sites and nucleic acid sites in their native state
  • Tissue retain natural look and feel compared to formalin fixed tissues
  • Safe, non-toxic fixative - contains no formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde or mercury
Store at room temperature

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