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18606-20 20 ml
18606-100 100 ml
18606-5 5x20 ml


Aqua-Poly/Mount is a water-soluble, non-fluorescing, non-permanent, aqueous mounting medium formulated for mounting sections directly from aqueous solutions. It is useful for immunofluorescent techniques as it enhances and retains fluorescent stains.

Aqua-Poly/Mount can also be used for frozen sections, fat stains and immuno-stains where aqueous mounting media is required. Aqua-Poly/Mount can be used with most fluorescent dyes and stains including DAB, Alkaline Phosphatase-Fast Red, AEC (aminoethylcarbazole) and other chromogens that are alcohol soluble or incompatible with organic solvents.

Aqua-Poly/Mount solidifies under the coverslip after 24-48 hours at a relative humidity of 20-50%. After it dries completely it forms a solid, clear seal that facilitates handling and storage, making painting of the coverslip edges unnecessary.

Aqua-Poly/Mount can be used on automated coverslippers in place of traditional solvent based coverslipping medium.
Refractive Index:
1.454 - 1.460
390 cps

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Harmless-use normal precautions
Exercise normal care
Store at 4 degrees celsius

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