Unicryl™ Resin

This Product has been Discontinued.


A unique, largely hydrophilic, acrylic resin, developed for universal use in LM and EM applications. When fully polymerized, Unicryl™ demonstrates excellent cutting characteristics. Sectioning surface follows the contours of the tissue during cutting action, producing a highly exposed surface of proteins and nucleic acids for subsequent immunohistochemistry techniques.

Resin preserves these structures without interacting or cross-linking with them. Provides optimum sectioning and staining for animal, plant and microbiological tissues for Light Microscopy and Electron Microscopy.

Unicryl™ is largely hydrophilic, allowing adequate access to polar (aqueous) solutions and exhibiting low background staining or labeling from hydrophobic materials. Normal counterstaining properties for both EM and LM sections are excellent due to the hydrophilicity of the resin, its homogeneous structure and surface characteristics.

Provides optimum sectioning and staining for: Animal, Plant and Microbiological tissues for LM and EM

Unicryl™ is provided as a ready-to-use single solution. No mixing required. Resin remains liquid to -30°, Stable for one year at 4°


  • Unique cutting properties
  • Good morphology
  • Intense labeling

Kit Contains: 250ml Unicryl™ Resin and instructions

Combustible, Expected carcinogen, Unknown
Glove, chemical goggles & fume hood
Store below -20 degrees celsius

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