Immuno-Bed Kit

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Immuno-Bed has been designed for use with immunohistochemistry studies. The system allows adequate penetration of small molecular weight antibodies and chromagens, such as aminoethylcarbazole (AEC). Large molecular weight moleclues may not stain well, even after etching the plastic from the section. Sections should be completed and stained as soon as possible after polymerization is complete, within 2 to 3 days.

Immuno-Bed is a glycol methacrylate based embedding kit with performance similiar to JB-4® and JB-4 Plus® in tissue infiltrations, embedding and cutting procedures. The embedded blocks are clear for excellent tissue visibility. Polymerization at 0 - 4°C is recommended to reduce the heat generated by the exothermic reaction. Glycol methacrylate based plastic can not be removed from sections and may interfere with IHC staining.

Kit Contains: 800ml Solution A; 30ml Solution B; 12g Solution C.

Organic peroxide , Oxidizer , Irritant , Skin sensitizer
Glove, chemical goggles & fume hood
Store at room temperature
FGHO6g - (hazard/handling/storage codes)