Neat Stain Hematology Stain Kit

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25034-1 1 kit


Three-step procedure for differentiation of morphological cell types in peripheral blood smears. Staining characteristics are similar to the traditional Wright’s and Wright-Giemsa stains.

Neat Stain Kits have been specifically designed for stat procedures and/or laboratories using manual staining methods. Also useful in Microbiology labs staining microorganisms and spermatozoa.

Neat Stain Hematology Stain Kit Contains: 6 Reagent Kits, Plastic Stand, 6 Reclosure foils.

Each reagent kit can perform up to 25 tests; up to 150 tests using all 6 reagent kits.

  • Neat - Self-contained foil sealed, pre-filled multi-well containers
  • Fast - Immerse slides sequentially in each reagent for specified time, air dry and read
  • Convenient - Additional foils for re-sealing containers

Slide Holder sold separately, Cat. #25033