AFB Rhodamine-Auramine Kit (Fluorescent)

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24666-1 1 kit


The identification of Mycobacteria with rhodamine-auramine is due to the affinity of the mycolic acid in the cell walls for the fluorochromes.

Dyes will bind to the Mycobacteria, which appear bright yellow or orange against a greenish background. The potassium permanganate helps prevent non-specific fluorescence. All acid-fast organisms will be stained by rhodamine-auramine, including the sporozoan parasites.

Slides stained with rhodamine-auramine may be restained with Ziehl-Neelsen or Kinyoun stain directly, as long as the oil has been removed. This provides a convenient method of confirming and differentiating morphology of positive slides with the traditional stains.

Kit includes: Rhodamine - Auramine, Fluorescent Decolorizer, Potassium - Permanganate (8 oz. bottle of each)