Neat Gram Stain Kit with Gram +/- Control Slides

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25459-1 1 kit


For staining bacteria from cultures or specimens by the differential Gram stain method.

Kit performs up to 25 tests.

Neat - Self-contained foil sealed, pre-filled multi-well containers

Fast - Immerse slides sequentially in each reagent for specified time, air dry and read

Convenient - Additional foils for re-sealing containers

Neat Stain Kits have been specifically designed for stat procedures and/or laboratories using manual staining methods.

Kit Contains: 1 Reagent Pack, 1 Reclosure foil, and 10 Gram positive and gram Negative Control Slides. This quality control slide provides two air-dried and methanol-fixed droplets within two etched circles. The circle nearest the label contains a droplet of Gram-Positive Staphylococcus aureus a derivative of ATCC® 25923™. The circle furthest from the label contains a droplet of a Gram Negative Escherichia coli a derivative of ATCC® 25922™.

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