Nichrome<sup>®</sup> Wire Microloop<sup>®</sup> 1.5mm volume, 1µl

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24660-1 25 loops


Nichrome® 5 wire inoculating loop 1μl

Description: Nichrome® 5 nickel-chromium wire inoculating loop for precise volumetric sampling and transfer of material for accurate analysis.

Method of use: The Microloop Nichrome® wire loop is held in a suitable Microloop® Holder. The loop is first sterilized by flaming, for example with a Bunsen burner, allowed to cool, before collecting test material such as urine specimen, or bacterial colonies from an agar plate.


  • Accurate sampling
  • Consistent and reproducible results
  • Rapid cooling
  • Nichrome® 5 is most durable alloy for repeated heating /cooling
  • Outstanding performance at temperatures up to 1200°C

1 package (25 loops)

CE-marked and conforms to: European In Vitro Devices Directive, In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive (98/79/EC), 1998, Official Journal of European Communities, L331/1