Mohs Lab Reagent Starter Kit

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25044-1 1 kit


Complete Mohs Lab Reagent Starter Kit

All reagents needed to start a complete Mohs lab. From dye marking, cryo-embedding, fixation, and staining to the complete product of a finished slide that can be viewed under the microscope within minutes.

Kit Contains:

  • PolyFreeze Frozen Mounting Medium (case)
  • Blue Tissue Marking Dye (2oz. bottle)
  • Black Tissue Marking Dye (2oz. bottle)
  • Green Tissue Marking Dye (2oz. bottle)
  • Fast Frozen Stain Kit
  • Differential Quik Stain Kit (250ml)
  • Tissue Tack Microscope Slides - Plus (+) Glass (72 slides)
  • Delicate Melanin Bleach Kit