SRfluor® 680 Maleimide

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24865-1 1 mg


A far-red emitting dye, belonging to the squaraine rotaxane family of dyes, which bears a maleimide functionality. Spectral properties: abs max = 641 nm and emission max = 664 nm in ethanol. Provided in Crystalline Powder form.


  • Improved chemical and photochemical stability compared with squaraines, cyanines, Alexa® and Atto dyes.
  • Exhibit sharp absorption and emission bands thus provide reduced excitation and emission cross talk into channels where other fluorochromes are being used.
  • Do not exhibit aggregation induced spectral broadening under biological conditions at micromolar concentrations.
  • 5-20X brighter compared with cyanines, Alexa® and Atto dyes.
  • Photophysical properties stable over the pH range from 2-12.
  • Spectral properties compatible with the 633nm or 647nm laser lines on flow cytometers, confocal and in vivo imaging equipment.

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SRfluor® is a trademark of Molecular Targeting Technologies, Inc. Distributed by Polysciences, Inc. under agreement from MTTI.

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