Biodegradable Microspheres

Biodegradable polymers & microspheres such as PLGA types are receiving high levels of interest for controlled release of active materials in the pharmaceutical industry as growth platforms (e.g. degradable scaffolds for implants and bone grafts) and as prototype materials to measure biodegradation kinetics under specific conditions. As these sciences expand, there will be a need for controlled particle size biodegradable microspheres for calibration of instrumentation and for particle size assays. Polysciences Inc. offers two PLGA polymer (50:50 and 75:25 Lactic Acid : Glycolic Acid) in three narrow sizes (75μm, 100μm and 120μm; 5-10% CVs). These highly uniform particle populations serve as excellent models for controlled degradation rate measurements, and for the development of prototype scaffolds or devices.

Custom quotations on other PLGA microparticles, alternative biodegradable polymer family types or microparticles with specific active components upon request.

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