Quantum™ QC, 8 Peak Beads

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BLI725-5 5 ml


Quantum™ QC is an 8 peak multi-intensity, multi-fluorescent standard that is intended for use as an in-depth tool for daily cytometer QC, and is appropriate for use with all lasers and detectors. It may be used to determine detection thresholds, understand resolution, and assess and track linearity of detectors. It can aid in providing confidence that the system is suitable for use, or alert operators to potential problems before samples are run. Quantum™ QC may also be used for instrument set-up to achieve standardized PMT settings and define the window of analysis for relevant detectors. Quantum™ QC is comprised of a blank and 7 (mixed) intensity populations. Quantum QC is used with a QuickCal-Linearity template that is downloaded from the Bangs Laboratories website with an Access Code provided with the product at the time of shipping. For more Flow Cytometry Resources, visit the Bangs Flow Blog.

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