Magnetic COOH Sampler Pack

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Our many magnetic particle products uniquely address a wide range of applications in the life sciences, including cell isolations, affinity purifications, immunoassays, molecular assays. For development efforts, our Magnetic Particle Sampler Packs allow you to test different particles to find which yield optimal performance characteristics in your specific system. We've taken our popular magnetic particles & packaged them together for your convenience offering, Magnefy™, BioMag®Plus, ProMag® 1 Series and ProMag® HP 3 Series.

  • 26410 - (BLI-MFY0001) Magnefy™ COOH, 5mL (5% solids, 50mg/mL)
  • 25029 - (BLI-PMC1N) ProMag® 1µm COOH, 5mL (2.5% solids, 25mg/mL)
  • 25509 - (BLI-PMC3HP) ProMag® 3µm HP COOH, 5mL (2.5% solids, 25 mg/mL)
  • 86011 - (BLI-BP618) BioMag®Plus COOH, 5mL (2% solids, 20 mg/mL)
Harmless-use normal precautions
Store at 4 degrees celsius;Do not permit to freeze

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