MOHS Lab Starter Kit with Diagnostic Stains

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26418-1 1 kit


Mohs Lab Starter Kit with Diagnostic Stains

All reagents needed to start a complete Mohs lab. From dye marking, cryo-embedding, melanin bleaching, staining and mounting medium to a finished slide which can be viewed under the microscope within minutes. This kit has all of the components of the MOHS Lab Starter Kit (26417-1), plus the diagnostic stains to have a complete MOHS Lab.

Kit Contains:

  • PolyFreeze Frozen Mounting Medium (6 x 4oz)
  • Blue Tissue Marking Dye (2oz)
  • Black Tissue Marking Dye (2oz)
  • Green Tissue Marking Dye (2oz)
  • Red Tissue Marking Dye (2oz)
  • Yellow Tissue Marking Dye (2oz)
  • Delicate Melanin Bleach Kit (2 x 250ml)
  • CitraMount Medium (100ml)
  • Bonus 48 piece Peel-A-Way Disposable Embedding Molds Sampler Pack


  • Hematoxylin, Gills 3 (1L)
  • Eosin 0.5%, alcoholic (1L)
  • Differential Quik Stain Kit (2 x 250ml)

Note: All kit replacement components can be purchased separately; various sizes available.

See also  26417-1 for MOHS Lab Starter Kit (no stains included)