PolyLink Enzyme Adsorption Kit - F50

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The PolyLink Enzyme Adsorption Kit contains 5 Purolite® ECR resins with different porosities and 2 types of hydrophobic surface designed to allow you to rapidly identify the best resin for immobilizing your enzyme through adsorption.

This method for the immobilization of enzymes is based on the physical adsorption of enzyme protein onto the surface of water-insoluble carriers. The method is very gentle and causes little or no conformational change of the enzyme or destruction of its active center. This method is particularly suitable for applications in organic solvents or hydrophobic media such oils. A major advantage of adsorption as a general method of immobilizing enzymes is that usually no reagents are required.

Purolite® ECR enzyme adsorption resins include acrylic or styrene resins with different degrees of hydrophobicity and porosity. These adsorbents are well suited to the immobilization of lipases.

Octadecyl-activated resins allow reversible but very strong adsorption of enzymes on these highly hydrophobic supports; the enzyme may be desorbed after its inactivation and the support may be reused. Adsorption on octadecyl-activated resins occurs via interfacial activation of the lipase on the hydrophobic supports at very low ionic buffer strength as shown in the figure.

Components Description Functional Group Immobilization Porosity
50265-50 ECR8804F Octadecyl Acrylate Octadecyl Adsorption Low
50267-50 ECR8806F Octadecyl Acrylate Octadecyl Adsorption Medium
50245-50 ECR1090F Macroporous Styrene None Adsorption Medium High surface area
50247-50 ECR1091F Macroporous Styrene None Adsorption Medium Lower surface area

The Polylink Enzyme Adsorption kit contains 50 g of each of the resins listed in the table. All of these resins have a particle size of 150 – 300 microns (F grade). Resins with the same properties as these with a particle size of 300 – 700 microns (M grade) are also available if desired and typically allow for faster filtration. Additional information about each resin can be found on their individual product pages and in the Product Guide for the full range of ECR resins.

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