PolyLink Enzyme Linker Kit - F50

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The PolyLink Enzyme Linker Kit contains 5 Purolite® ECR resins to allow rapidly screening different methods of enzyme immobilization so that you can quickly identify the best approach for your enzymes of interest.

This kit includes resins from each category that we offer, including those that allow covalently binding enzymes to resin with either an epoxy or amino group as well as resins that allow two options for adsorbing enzymes using either a long alkyl chain (octadecyl – C18) or a macroporous hydrophobic bead structure. These resins allow you to explore options for binding your enzyme thorough more robust covalent bonds and through adsorption to allow less disruption of the original enzyme structure. Testing each of these options can help to identify the best approach for achieving the highest enzyme loading and retained catalytic activity.

Components Description Functional Group Immobilization Porosity
50252-50 ECR4204F Epoxy Acrylate/Styrene Epoxy Covalent Low
50255-50 ECR8214F Epoxy Acrylate Epoxy Covalent High
50261-50 ECR8405F Amino C6 Acrylate Amino Covalent Low
50265-50 ECR8804F Octadecyl Acrylate Octadecyl Adsorption Low
50245-50 ECR1090F Macroporous Styrene None Adsorption Medium High surface area

The Polylink Enzyme Linker Kit contains 50 g of each of the 5 resins listed in the table. All of these resins have a particle size of 150 – 300 microns (F grade). Resins with the same properties as these with a particle size of 300 – 700 microns (M grade) are also available if desired and typically allow for faster filtration. Additional information about each resin can be found on their individual product pages and in the Product Guide for the full range of ECR resins.

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