PolyLink Epoxy Linker Kit with Columns and Reagents for Enzyme Immobilization

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50279-1 1 kit
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The PolyLink Epoxy Linker Kit with Columns and Reagents for Enzyme Immobilization includes 1 gram each of 3 different Purolite® epoxy functionalized resins along with all of the necessary Polysciences buffer solutions needed to carry out a standard coupling protocol to bond your enzyme to the resins. The resins are individually packaged in ready-to-use 10 mL columns with a bottom frit to allow you to rapidly treat the resins with reagents, filter off excess reagents, and rinse, all in one vessel. The total working volume of the columns is 22 mL when the column head-space is included.

The included resins have different porosities, polymer backbone with differing hydrophilic properties to allow you to rapidly identify the best resin for immobilizing the enzyme of choice. Epoxy resins can be used to covalently immobilize enzymes without any pretreatment, as shown in Figure 1. The reaction of the epoxy groups with amino groups of enzymes is relatively fast and gives stable multipoint covalent binding.

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Product ID Description Functional Group Immobilization Surface Area Pore Diameter Water Content
50279A ECR8205F Epoxy acrylate Epoxy Covalent > 80 450 - 600 52 - 57
50279B ECR8214F Epoxy acrylate Epoxy Covalent > 60 1200 - 1800 60 - 66
50279C ECR8204F Epoxy acrylate Epoxy Covalent > 140 275 - 450 41 - 46
Kit Components Description Number Included
01954A-225 Phosphate buffered saline (225 mL) 1
50279D Phosphate buffered solution pH 8, 1.0 M (200 mL) 1

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