PolyLink Lipase Linker Kit - F50

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The PolyLink Lipase Linker Kit contains 4 Purolite® ECR resins with different porosities and 3 types of functionality designed to allow immobilization of lipases.

Lipases are among the most frequently used enzymes for performing transformations that allow preparing a wide range of industrially and scientifically important products. Because these enzyme typically allow performing a wide range of reactions at lower temperatures than standard chemical processes they can provide considerable energy savings and have been used to prepare flavors and fragrances, biodiesel, surfactants and detergents. With their ability to provide stereospecific conversion of raw materials to higher value added products, lipases can allow much more cost effective production of optically active compounds such as those often required for the preparation of active pharmaceutical and agrochemical compounds.

The PolyLink Lipase Linker Kit is designed to allow you to screen some of the resins that are most likely to provide a favorable result and help you to identify the best category of resin for your particular enzyme.

Components Description Functional Group Immobilization Porosity
50252-50 ECR4204F Epoxy Acrylate/Styrene Epoxy Covalent Low
50265-50 ECR8804F Octadecyl Acrylate Octadecyl Adsorption Low
50267-50 ECR8806F Octadecyl Acrylate Octadecyl Adsorption Medium
50245-50 ECR1090F Macroporous Styrene High Adsorption Medium High surface area

The Polylink Lipase Linker Kit contains 50 g of each of the resins listed in the table. All of these resins have a particle size of 150 – 300 microns (F grade). Resins with the same properties as these with a particle size of 300 – 700 microns (M grade) are also available if desired and typically allow for faster filtration. Additional information about each resin can be found on their individual product pages and in the Product Guide for the full range of ECR resins.

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