C160, Macroporous Strong Acid Cation Resin, Na form

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Purolite® C160, Macroporous Strong Acid Cation Resin, Na form is a macroporous poly(styrene sulfonate) cation exchanger designed to withstand conditions of considerable thermal, osmotic, and mechanical stress such as those found in ion exchange treatment of concentrated aqueous solutions of glycerol, glycols, sugar alcohols, and other polyhydroxy organic compounds. Such treatment includes softening, catalysis, heavy metal removal, and various deionizing procedures. In the Quentin process, for example, in which sugar solutions of around 70o Brix are used, at high temperatures (60-70oC), its sponge-like structure permits higher rates of diffusion of the complex nitrogenous materials taken up by the strong-acid resin during demineralization, and facilitates their removal on regeneration. C160 is also used in the ammonium form for partial demineralization of concentrate syrups, and in the Gryllus process, both of which require a resin of superior resistance to thermal and osmotic shock. However, for use with the high viscosities normally encountered during the processing of sucrose, the more closely-graded version, C160S is normally recommended. It is well suited to the selective removal of heavy metals where it offers usefully high selectivity combined with fast kinetics. The specially treated Nuclear Grade form is recommended for treatment of radioactive waste.

  • Application - Demineralization
  • Polymer Structure - Macroporous polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene
  • Appearance - Spherical beads
  • Functional Group - Sulfonic Acid
  • Ionic Form as Shipped - Na+
Product Information
Total Capacity (min.) 2.3 eq/l (50.2 Kgr/ft3) (Na+ form)
Moisture Retention 35 - 40 % (Na+ form)
Particle Size Range 300 - 1200 µm
<300 µm (max.) 1 %
Uniformity Coefficient (max.) 1.7
Reversible Swelling, Na+ → H+ (max.) 4 %
Specific Gravity 1.3
Shipping Weight (approx.) 820 - 860 g/l (51.3 - 53.8 lb/ft3)
Temp Limit, H+ Form 120°C (250°F)
Temp Limit, Na+ Form 140°C (285°F)

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