A850, Type 1 Acrylic Strong Base Anion Resin, Chloride Form

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50220-250 250 ml
50220-1 1000 ml
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Purolite® A850, Type 1 Acrylic Strong Base Anion Resin, Chloride Form is a gel-type 1 strong base anion exchange resin with an acrylic matrix. The acrylic matrix ensures excellent removal of organic matter from a water supply in conjunction with its reversible removal upon regeneration. This resin is regenerated very efficiently with lower levels of sodium hydroxide than those required for a polystyrene based type 1 resin, and yet it has a comparable ability to remove weaker acids including carbonic acid and silica. Its use in combination with a polystyrene based resin (for instance in a mixed bed positioned after the anion unit) can often result in the removal of a wider spectrum of organic compounds than either type of anion resin alone.

  • Application - Organics ;Tannin Removal and Demineralization - Excellent Resistance to Fouling
  • Polymer Structure - Gel Polyacrylic crosslinked with divinylbenzene
  • Appearance - Spherical beads
  • Functional Group - Quaternary Ammonium
  • Ionic Form as Shipped - Cl-
Product Information
Total Capacity (min.) 1.25 eq/l (27.3 Kgr/ft3) (Cl- form)
Moisture Retention, Cl- Form 57 - 62 %
Particle Size Range 300 - 1200 µm
<300 µm (max.) 1 %
Uniformity Coefficient (max.) 1.7
Irreversible Swelling (max.) 10 %
Reversible Swelling, Cl- → OH- (max.) 15 %
Specific Gravity 1.09
Shipping Weight (approx.) 680 - 730 g/l (42.5 - 45.6 lb/ft3)
Temp Limit, Cl- Form 60°C (140°F)
Temp Limit, OH- Form 40°C (104°F)

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