3-Sulfopropyl acrylate, potassium salt (SPAK)

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3-Sulfopropyl acrylate, potassium salt (SPAK) is a functional acrylic acid monomer useful in the synthesis of new generation of super water absorbent, superporous, polymer hydrogels. SPAK mainly used to improve hydrogel properties; e.g., stabilize waterborne acrylic dispersion, adhesion, ion exchange resin and poly-electrolytes. SPAK also helps improve antistatic properties of polymers.

Purity: >96%

Synonyms: 2-Propenoic acid 3-sulfopropylester, potassium salt; Acrylic acid-(3-sulfopropyl)ester, potassium salt; Potassium 3-sulfopropyl acrylate (KSPA); Potassium 3-acryloyloxypropanesulfonate
Molecular Weight:
232.3 g/mol
White powder

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Store at room temperature

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