Total Cutting Solutions

Say goodbye to brittle and torn samples! Polysciences offers a complete line of block softener and decalcification products. No mixing required, saving valuable time.

25388 - Total Cutting Solution Kit -  Kit contains all of the block softener and decalcification products listed below, plus 10 paraffin mailers.

Block Softeners

24774 - Histoheme - Developed to assist histologists with bloody specimens such as placental fragments, bone marrow biopsies, liver, spleen and endometrial curretings which tend to harden after processing and dry out.

24616 - Soft Block - Effective on bone, nails and tissue. Easy to use, just soak pre-trimmed block surface in Soft Block for 5-15 minutes (depending on tissue sample size) and cut sections.

24775 - Soft Nail - Made for very hard complex keratinized hair, nail and skin samples common in Mohs Histology laboratories.

Decalcification Products

24903 - De-Calcify Block Solution - Fast microtome soak that saves you time and money by allowing you to salvage problem blocks right at your cutting station.

24900 - Deli-Cal Block Solution - Our microtome soak, Deli-Cal Block Solution saves time and money by allowing to salvage problem blocks right at cutting stations.