Epoxy Based
  1. SF850 A&B OptiCLEAR™ Liquid Encapsulant Fill
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    2 component epoxy designed for encapsulating & coating applications requiring good clarity & high heat resistance. Excellent adhesion to many substrates including metals, glass, & ceramics.

  2. SD54G0 EdgeCONTROL™
    SD54G0 EdgeCONTROL™
    Catalog Number SD54G0-30

    Low modulus retention dam specifically formulated to offer low cure stress & low warpage for liquid encapsulation of BGA & MCM packages. Good adhesion to various rigid and flexible organic & ceramic substrates, high viscosity, high thixotropy, & thermally curable. Designed to be used with LoSTRESSTM liquid encapsulant.

  3. SF801 A&B OptiCLEAR™ Liquid Encapsulant Fill
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    2 component epoxy designed for bonding, encapsulating, & sealing applications require good optical clarity. Curable at ambient temperatures or preferably with moderate heat, excellent adhesion to many substrates including metals, glass, & ceramics, low viscosity, & thermally curable.

  4. EW8002 NoSWEEP™ Wire Bond Encapsulant

    100% solid, silica filled liquid encapsulant designed for quick self-leveling in large dam & fill or glob top applications, & encapsulation of narrow diameter, long, & ultra fine pitch wire bonds on semiconductor devices. Low modulus & CTE, excellent adhesion to inorganic & organic substrates, thermally curable, & non-sweeping. Available in dam & fill or glob top versions.

  5. UC5001 EasyFILL™
    UC5001 EasyFILL™
    Catalog Number UC5001-10
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    Rapid curing capillary flow underfill with low stress cure, high durability, high Tg, & low CTE. Thermally curable.

  6. WL2000 Wafer Level Coating
    WL2000 Wafer Level Coating
    Catalog Number WL2000
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    Epoxy based protective &/or negative photoresist coating suited for applications at the wafer level. Excellent adhesion, good chemical resistance, low viscosity, high gloss, & UV &/or heat curable. Applied by brush, dip, spin coat, or spray methods.

  7. SF5021 OptiCLEAR™ Liquid Encapsulant Fill

    Low modulus fill material specifically designed to offer efficient light transmission & low cure stress. A 100% solids, unfilled, liquid encapsulant designed for encasulation of semiconductor devices requiring high toughness & strong adhesion to various substrates such as metal, ceramic, & organice. UV or thermally curable.

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