Storage Units
  1. Coplin Staining Jar
    Coplin Staining Jar
    Catalog Number 08415

    Unbreakable, translucent plastic, stain resistant and chemically inert. Larger opening than classic Coplin staining jar for more convenient slide staining.

  2. Storage Envelopes, Unprinted polyethylene (holds 3.25" x 4.25" neg. or plates)

    Holds 3.25" x 4-4.25" negatives or plates, 500 per pack.

  3. Paraffin Block Mailer/Holder
    Paraffin Block Mailer/Holder
    Catalog Number 25340

    Convenient transport container for up to 6 paraffin blocks. Made of transparent PVC for easy viewing of contents. Suitable for all regular models of tissue and biopsy cassettes.

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