Azide PEGs

AzidePEGs take advantage of the diverse modified dyes, amino acids, and other biochemicals that already use CuAAC. By combining the biodegradable PEG tether with bio-orthogonal “click” chemistry, these PEGs give researchers a highly controllable and biocompatible tool with limitless possibilities.

Selected Research:

The following paper includes a series of protocols to label receptor ligands using “click” chemistry in PEG-compatible conditions.

Bonnet, D., Ilien, B., Galzi, J.-L., Riche, S., Antheaune, C., & Hibert, M. (2006). A Rapid and Versatile Method to Label Receptor Ligands Using "Click" Chemistry: Validation with the Muscarinic M1 Antagonist Pirenzepine. Bioconjugate Chemistry.

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