Nucleic Acid Isolation
  1. BioMag® Nuclease-Free Streptavidin Particles | Polysciences, Inc.

    A suspension of nuclease-free streptavidin attached to BioMag® particles for immobilizing biotinylated compounds.

  2. BioMag® Oligo (dT)20 Particles
    BioMag® Oligo (dT)20 Particles
    Catalog Number 8MB4803

    Nuclease-free BioMag® Oligo (dT)20 particles purify mRNA from total RNA, tissue and cells in 15-45 minutes depending upon sample.

  3. Magnefy™ COOH
    Magnefy™ COOH
    Catalog Number 26410

    Magnefy™ ~1µm carboxylated superparamagnetic microspheres. High surface area / high surface titer microparticles with a rapid separation profile, Magnefy offer an additional performance-driven solid phase for magnetic particle-based assays and isolations.

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