BioMag® Streptavidin & Biotin

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  1. BioMag® Streptavidin | Polysciences, Inc.

    BioMag® Streptavidin

    开始于: NT$19,440.00

    • Concentration: 5mg/ml
    • Binding Capacity: 1 mg (200μl) of BioMag® Streptavidin particles will bind > 2.0μg of biotin.
  2. BioMag® Nuclease-Free Streptavidin Particles | Polysciences, Inc.

    BioMag® Nuclease-Free Streptavidin Particles

    开始于: NT$10,944.00

    A suspension of nuclease-free streptavidin attached to BioMag® particles for immobilizing biotinylated compounds.

  3. BioMag® Biotin

    BioMag® Biotin

    开始于: NT$19,968.00

    • Concentration: 5mg/ml
    • Binding Capacity: >3.0mg/ml
  4. BioMag®Plus Streptavidin / Biotin Binding Starter Kit

    BioMag®Plus Streptavidin / Biotin Binding Starter Kit

    开始于: NT$20,928.00

    The BioMag®Plus Streptavidin / Biotin Binding Starter Kit contains all the reagents needed for the attachment of biotinylated proteins to BioMag®Plus superparamagnetic particles.

    The contents of the kit are sufficient for five coupling reactions.

  5. BioMag®Plus Streptavidin

    BioMag®Plus Streptavidin

    开始于: NT$42,480.00

    BioMag®Plus Streptavidin Particles are a suspension of superparamagnetic particles approximately 1µm in size, covalently attached to streptavidin. BioMag®Plus Streptavidin allows for capture of biotinylated oligonucleotides, proteins, dNTPs and other molecules.

    Provided as a suspension at ~5mg per ml.