Microbiology Stain Kits
  1. 5-Cyano-2,3-di-(p-tolyl)tetrazolium chloride (CTC)

    Cyanoditolyl tetrazolium chloride has been used to measure the redox activity of tumor cells. It has also been employed for direct epifluorescent microscopic enumeration of respiring bacteria in food samples and environmental samples, especially water samples.

  2. Chlorazole black E, C.I. 30235, certified

    A valuable stain in general histology and cytology. Gives sharp, clear-cut pictures of both nuclei and cytoplasmic structures. Also useful for differentiation of fungi.

  3. Rose Bengal, C.I. 45440, Certified
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    Rose Bengal can be used as an alternative to phloxine B in Kreyberg's stain for keratin and mucus. Useful for detecting bacteria in soil.

  4. PSVue® 794 Reagent Kit
    PSVue® 794 Reagent Kit
    Catalog Number 25101

    A near-infrared fluorescent probe for detection of apoptotic cells, bacteria and other anionic membranes. The PSVue® 794 reagent kit contains components to provide a 1 mM solution of PSVue®794 in aqueous solution.

  5. PSVue® 380 Reagent Kit
    PSVue® 380 Reagent Kit
    Catalog Number 25102

    A long wavelength ultraviolet fluorescent probe for detection of apoptotic cells, bacteria, and other anionic membranes. The PSVue® 380 (formerly PSS-380) reagent kit contains components to provide a 1 mM solution of PSVue® 380 in aqueous solution.

  6. Gram Stain Set (Stabilized)
    Gram Stain Set (Stabilized)
    Catalog Number 25036

    For staining bacteria from cultures or specimens by the differential Gram stain method. Kit performs 150 tests.

  7. PSVue® 643
    PSVue® 643
    Catalog Number 25685

    The PSVue643® kit contains 0.25mL of a 1mM solution of PSVue643® in water. The compound has an absorbance max at 643nm and a fluorescence emission max at 658nm.

  8. PSVue® 550
    PSVue® 550
    Catalog Number 25684

    The PSVue® 550 reagent kit contains components to provide ~0.5 mL of 1 mM solution of PSVue® 550. The compound has an absorbance max at 553nm and fluorescence emission max at 615nm.

  9. PSVue® Biotin
    PSVue® Biotin
    Catalog Number 25683

    Vial contains 1mg of solid. PSVue® Biotin can be complexed with streptavidin-coated quantum dots (not provided) for in vivo and in vitro use. Procedures to formulate and prepare are provided.

  10. AFB Kinyoun Kit (Cold Method)

    Method of staining acid-fast microorganisms, specifically mycobacterium. Procedure is similar to Ziehl-Neelson stain, but does not involve heating the slides.

  11. Szechrome NAS
    Szechrome NAS
    Catalog Number 08762
    Inquire for availability.

    Suitable for the determination of the nitrate content of natural waters, industrial waste effluents, soil, plant and meat extracts, tinned goods, biological fluids (sputum, urine), chemicals, fertilizers and drugs. NAS has been used in place of the phenoldisulfonic acid, brucine and chromotropic acid methods used previously.

  12. AFB Ziehl-Neelsen Kit (Hot Method)

    Bacteriological stain kit used to identify acid-fast organisms, mainly Mycobacteria. Helpful in diagnosing Mycobacterium tuberculosis since its lipid rich cell wall makes it resistant to Gram stain.

  13. TB Fluorostain Kit
    TB Fluorostain Kit
    Catalog Number 22422

    Fluorochrome staining of mycobacteria in an acid-fast smear offers several advantages over traditional carbol-fuchsin methods. Lower magnification is required; fluorescent mycobacteria stand out brightly on a darkened background. Smaller numbers of mycobacteria are easily identified with a fluorescent stain.

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