Polybead® Microspheres 75.00μm

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Polybead® Microspheres are monodisperse polystyrene microspheres available in sizes from 50nm to 90μm. Diameters 4.5μm and larger are crosslinked with divinylbenzene (DVB). Our experienced chemists control the synthesis to provide precise monodisperse particle size distributions. These particles contain a slight anionic charge from sulfate ester.

Most Polybead® Microspheres are packaged in an economical 2.5% solids (w/v) aqueous suspension with minimal surfactant in the final preparation. Polybead® Microspheres are ideally suited for protein binding using passive adsorption techniques.

Nominal Reference Values:

  • 75.0µm mean diameter
  • 2.5% solids (w/v) aqueous suspension
  • Coefficient of Variance (CV): 10%
  • Crosslinked with divinylbenzene
  • 1.08 x 105 particles/ml
General use
Concentration (nom.):
2.5% solids (w/v), ~1.08 x 105 particles/ml
Suspending Solution:
aqueous suspension
Harmless-use normal precautions
Exercise normal care
Store at 4 degrees celsius;Do not permit to freeze
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